Final Exam: 2009-2010

This page summarizes my work during this year in Broadcast Journalism, and serves as my Final Exam.
This year I have done stories on the Robotics Club when they had their Port-A-Pit Fundraiser, the Water Watchers Club during the winter, the International Club, the Pep Band when they held the annual Eighth Grade Night, The Staff's annual Spring Break Party, the new branch of student government, the PHSU, and the Silver Mile(Bobby and Nick also contributed to the Silver Mile package). I have also worked on the scrolling announcements, helped out at the live coverage of the Staff Basketball game, and made a poll about what people think they will do during summer break.
I was planning to do the story about a Gardening Project at Penn, but I wasn't able to complete the contact with the sponsor.
I also frequently edited the actual shows themselves in Adobe Premiere, and uploaded them to the website.

I also made a new logo and theme song, which both ran all year.
In the studio, I was the technical director, which meant I got to operate the video mixer, and usually I also turned on the sound board. My impression was that my classmates were very comfortable in their positions, and I was in mine, so we didn't switch around much, but I tried to contribute in other ways as well.
I had a great time, and hope that I can contribute more in the years to come.